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Mentoring sessions from the Projector Institute.
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Hello, I'm Anna!

Here to take your Marketing communications to another level

I have more than 10 years’ experience in marketing and communications working with biggest multinational corporations (such as Lenovo, Dell and others), small and medium businesses and startups.

Developing is like air for me. What field is developing faster than people have time to get used to it? The direction of innovations and technologies. Therefore, when I was offered to work with technology companies at my first job at the agency, it was an inspiring coincidence of interests. Small and medium businesses, different companies, you can't "taste" the marketing if you hadn't work in the agency. So, for more than 10 years I have been working with companies that are known for their innovations and technologies, and in 2017 I became part of the Lenovo company in Ukraine. Since then, with a friendly team I have successfully built the brand's reputation, worked with communications and created projects that were even reported by Reuters and the New York Post.

But working with startups became new stage and new challenge for me and our Creative space agency team. And we're happy to make new marketing projects and publications for your startup, so just write a message to us and book a consultation.

Don't be one of 90% startups that failed because of ineffective marketing!

It combines both Marketing and PR, helping startups and small businesses conquer the world!

Our strengths:

  • You can have a marketing team on outsource, that has the expertise and will help to find proper channels even if you know nothing about marketing;

  • We believe that most businesses want to become lovemarks and to build an emotional connection;

  • We suppose, that effective marketing should start with strategy and can be developed in an ethic way, keeping sustainability principles in mind.

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